Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should we paint our home?

About every 5-7 years. The paint will begin to fade or turn chalky, however, if it gets to this stage, it’s probably gone too long.

2. Are you insured?

Yes. We carry the industry standard for general liability and worker’s compensation.

3. What should I expect when you paint our exterior?

We will power wash, mask areas not being painted, scrape and prime areas that are peeling, and caulk joints that need to be sealed.

4. Do you require a deposit?

No. Payment is made when the job is complete and you are satisfied. We accept cash or check.

5. Do you warranty your work?

Yes. We give a three year warranty on the paint peeling or blistering.

6. Do you leave paint for touch ups?

Yes. We will leave up to a gallon of each of the paints we use.

7. What type of paint do you use?

Sherwin-Williams Exterior Super Paint is our preferred repaint product. It is an affordable, quality latex paint. However, if you have a preferred brand or have read up on a particular type of paint you would like us to use, we are certainly willing to accommodate our customers.

8. How do you apply the paint?

We generally spray the body, or large areas of the home. The smaller trim pieces are generally brushed and rolled. If you would like to have the body of your backrolled, please let us know during the estimating process.

9. How many coats do you apply?

One coat is generally good enough to coat and protect. If you would prefer two coats, please let us know during the estimating process.